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Going Through Tires Like Crazy? Here's Why

Are you shocked to find out that your car's tires should last up to five years? If you are trading in worn out tires for new ones more frequently than you'd like, then you need to find out what is causing your tread to fail so quickly.
Many factors go into the longevity of your tires, from the way you drive to car issues. Here are some reasons why you are going through tires like crazy, and what you can do about the situation so that your tires last longer.
Your Driving
Screeching to a stop at every stop sign or light, driving at as fast a speed as you dare, and riding your brakes while going downhill or taking on steep curves can all have a negative effect on your tires. You wear tread out when you aggressively brake and put ample pressure on your tires when you drive fast (heat from friction changes tire pressure and temperature).
Winter driving also takes its toll on your tires. During winter, drive more slowly to avoid skidding on the roads, stay several car lengths behind other vehicles, and pump your brakes rather than slam on them to help preserve your tires. It's wise to switch to winter tires if you live in an area that receives a lot of snow.
Changing your aggressive or brake-happy driving habits to slower, more effective driving not only preserves your tires, but it can also make your brakes and vehicle overall last longer. You will also be a safer driver.
Your Car's Alignment
When your car is out of alignment, your tires have uneven weight placed on them. This poor weight distribution causes your tires to become pitted, wavy on the surface, or can even cause one tire to wear out more quickly than others.
See your auto mechanic if your vehicle:
  • Pulls to one side while driving
  • Has a shaky or vibrating steering wheel
  • Is a sudden gas guzzler
Your car's alignment is important to your tires' health and is also essential to making your vehicle safer on the road.
Your Used Tire Purchases
Never buy a used tire for your car unless you know the history of where the tire came from and if it comes with a warranty. Some used tires are the spares that normally rest underneath the carriage of a car, making them brittle and more worn out due to lack of use or age.
A used tire could have also been misused, such as driven on while over or under-inflated. Even if a tire looks like it has a lot of tread on the outside, a used tire may have a lot of internal damage, leading to flats or faster wear.
Your auto mechanic can refer you to a reputable tire retailer or dealer, or they can sell you tires if they offer them in their shop. A benefit to buying new tires is they last longer on your vehicle, come with a warranty against wear, and give you peace of mind knowing you are buying quality tires that will only be used by you. You can get a discount if you buy all four tires at once.
Your tires should last for four years or longer with regular maintenance. Replacing your tires more frequently (without increasing the miles you typically drive), is cause for concern. See your auto mechanic right away to have them diagnose what is causing your tires to wear out so quickly.
Many factors go into your vehicle's condition. See our mechanics at Dualtone Muffler Brake & Alignment for many of your car's needs. We will get you safely on the road again.