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Replacing Mufflers for Classic Cars in San Diego

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Driving around town with a classic car is a lot of fun, but it might not feel so fun if your muffler starts breaking down. Muscle cars mufflers are designed to reduce the volume of outbound exhaust pulses. Although they are generally designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, finding the perfect fit for your vintage muscle car can be a hassle if you do not know what you are looking for. You want your vehicle to perform at its best while still looking great. It is easy to tell when your hot rod and other antique vehicle needs a new muffler, because it will start making noise and your car’s performance will decreases. If you need some help finding the perfect part for your car, Dualtone in San Diego has your back.

Updating Muscle & Hot Rod Exhaust Manifolds

In addition to providing you with high-quality performance mufflers, we can also service your vehicle in other ways. A new exhaust manifold is occasionally required for classic cars. This component is responsible for taking all of the exhaust gases from the cylinders and putting them into a single pipe. Its purpose is to increase the efficiency of the engine by decreasing flow resistance. This part may break or wear down over time, and cracks can eventually begin to form. A faulty exhaust manifold results in decreased fuel efficiency and an increase in noise pollution. Get this problem fixed at Dualtone before it gets any worse.

We Repair Antique Vehicles in the Pacific Beach and La Jolla Areas

We have the skills and experience to handle a wide range of repairs, even if you need a front end wheel alignment or a CV axle replacement. Dualtone serves customers in San Diego, La Jolla and Pacific Beach, so give us a call at 858-273-8745 to get your car back to excellent condition.
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