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Signs You Need New Shocks & Struts

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Your suspension system allows your vehicle to provide you and your passengers with a smooth, pleasant ride. Unfortunately, no suspension system can last forever, and if your shocks and struts go bad you will more than likely have to consult a professional. If you live in the San Diego area, Dualtone wants to be your top choice for shock replacement. It is imperative to maintain your suspension system over time and make repairs if necessary. We can help you do this and show you how to keep your vehicle’s suspension in optimal condition. Dualtone also specializes in good wheel alignment services.

Obvious Indications of Suspension Damage

Luckily for drivers, there are many signs of an ailing suspension system, and the majority of them are noticeable. Here are some indicators that your system needs repair:
  • If your car takes a nose dive when you stop, you may want to schedule a maintenance inspection. In severe cases, suspension wear or damage can make it take longer to bring your vehicle to a stop or cause a temporary loss of steering. This occurs when your suspension loses the ability to handle your vehicle’s weight.
  • Visible cuts, dents and hydraulic fluid leaks can be evidence of a break or tear in your suspension system.
  • A rocky or bouncy ride is one of the most obvious signs of suspension damage.
  • Your suspension should be strong enough to support the full weight of your car, but if it is damaged or nonfunctional, you will notice the front of your car rising a bit. This will mainly occur when you attempt to accelerate.
  • A vehicle is said to exhibit “body roll” if it leans whenever the driver turns or maneuvers the vehicle.

We Serve All of San Diego

If you need to replace or inspect your suspension, Dualtone can provide you with the service you need in San Diego, Pacific Beach and La Jolla. Call us today at 858-273-8745 to schedule an appointment.
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