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Signs Your Muffler Is "Muffed"


When you think of the important parts of your vehicle, you probably think of things like your engine and your brakes. In fact, the very last thing to cross your mind is probably your muffler. With that said, however, your muffler is an important part of your vehicle.

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4 Things You Should Do To Your Teen's Car Before You Hand Them The Keys


Teens and driving can create an adventurous mix, but you want to make sure your teenager is driving a vehicle that is road-ready. Teen drivers pose one of the largest safety risks on the road due their lack of driving experience. You can do your part to make sure they have a safer vehicle when they are behind the wheel by doing four things to their car before you hand over the keys.


Shake, Rattle & Smell: 7 Signs That Your Exhaust System Needs Repair


You keep up with your car maintenance, yet you've noticed that your vehicle has started to exhibit a few odd quirks lately. Vehicle exhaust systems do more than just reduce harmful emissions into the environment. They also affect your fuel efficiency, keep poisonous gases out of the car cabin and keep your car quiet.

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