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Serving All of San Diego County

We Can Install Your Catalytic Converters in San Diego​

Modern automobiles and other vehicles are expected to run cleanly and efficiently. The process may be a messy one, however. In an internal combustion engine, air and gas are incinerated, whereby they produce carbon monoxide and other substances which are harmful to the atmosphere. Your car or pickup combats this event with an exhaust system that includes a catalytic converter. Our team at Dualtone of San Diego has the skills to provide superior service for catalytic converter repair, replacement and installation.

Our Replacement Service Means Lower Emissions

The catalytic converter in your automobile, truck or SUV lowers emissions by creating a chemical reaction that alters harmful gases so that they are inert or less damaging to humans and to the environment. Ultimately, the gases pass through the muffler and tips and out into the world. California has specific rules regarding emissions and smog. At Dualtone, we are familiar with state requirements and can help ensure that your vehicle measures up to standards without compromising performance. An effective exhaust system is good for drivability and better for the environment. A quality part functions to do several tasks, including:
  • Break down nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and oxygen
  • Convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide
  • Reduce unburnt hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water

Also Serving La Jolla and Pacific Beach​

Dualtone is a full-service muffler shop in business since 1946. In our 60 years of serving San Diego, La Jolla and Pacific Beach customers, we have kept current with changing environmental standards. We offer top-tier parts and service for all types of vehicles, both domestic and foreign. For an emissions inspection, general check-up or a look at performance exhaust options from Magnaflow and Flowmaster, call us at (858) 273-8745.

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