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Expert Front End Wheel Alignments in San Diego

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In order for your car to perform at the top of its game, it is going to require regular maintenance, and that includes getting a front end alignment from time to time. This service involves adjusting the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the road and parallel to one another. You are able to tell pretty easily when your front-end needs to be aligned because your vehicle will veer off to one side or the other. Another symptom is that your vehicle feels unstable when you are going around turns. When your pickup truck, van or SUV needs a tune-up, Dualtone in San Diego is the place to go.

Benefits of Realignment

Having your front end realigned offers far more benefits than just straighter driving. The advantages include:
  • Reduction in friction on the road
  • Lifespan of tires is increased
  • Better handling
  • Premature wear on tires is prevented
  • Gas mileage improves up to 10 percent
As you can see, your vehicle has a lot to gain from this simple procedure. Perhaps the most important benefit to be gained is your safety. Improperly aligned vehicles are at an increased risk of being in an accident, so by taking the proper preventative measures, you can ensure your own safety and the safety of all of your passengers.

Get a Checkup in the La Jolla and Pacific Beach Areas Today

We here at Dualtone offer a number of services to vehicles. Whether you need classic car mufflers or a suspension adjustment, we have the expertise to handle any job. We serve clients in a number of areas in and around San Diego, including La Jolla and Pacific Beach. To see a significant improvement in the performance of your car, give us a call at 858-273-8745. You will be glad you did!
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