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Serving All of San Diego County

Steer Into San Diego for Suspension Adjustment or Repairs

At Dualtone of San Diego, we understand you want to enjoy a smooth ride and great drivability from your car or truck. A key to getting the best experience is regular maintenance and suspension repair when you need it. In an annual checkup, we will inspect, adjust and fix any issues with front and rear suspension that could compromise your driving safety and pleasure.

The Parts That Hold It all Together

Suspension systems are made up of several components, all of which may benefit from a scheduled inspection even if your two-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle is showing little sign of misalignment. A reliable system may produce an easy ride, but that is only half of its job. The other is to keep the vehicle stable and prevent it from losing its grip on the road. Parts to inspect include:
  • Sway bar or stabilizer bar
  • Inner and outer tie rod ends
  • Ball joints
  • Idler arm and pitman arm
  • Control arm bushings
  • Coil, leaf and air springs 

When to See a Pro for a Proper Fix

Sometimes it is clear when something is off, other times it is harder to tell. The following are some of the signs that something is off kilter with the suspension:
  • The road feels rough and the ride is jerky
  • The front end nose-dives when the car brakes
  • The car seems to drift or pull during turns
  • The tire tread is uneven
  • The shocks appear oily, indicating a leak

Serving the La Jolla and Pacific Beach Areas

Our technicians at Dualtone use the latest diagnostics and techniques to provide the finest car and pickup care in the area, from strut replacement to specialty exhaust systems. We serve the San Diego, La Jolla and Pacific Beach areas, so give us a call at (858) 273-8745.

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