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We Repair Car and Truck Exhaust Manifolds in San Diego

Most people probably picture the muffler on their car or truck when they think of the exhaust system. While it is important for keeping the noise down, it is just one piece of the entire construction. Often when there is a problem, the solution requires exhaust manifold repair. At Dualtone of San Diego, we provide expert installation, replacement and service of all elements of this important system. 

What Your System Does

Exhaust manifold services
The exhaust system as a whole converts pollutants such as carbon monoxide to less harmful substances and directs them away from the interior of the vehicle and out the back into the atmosphere. A leak can result in dangerous gases accumulating in the passenger area. Systems also function to apply backpressure to the engine to improve fuel efficiency. The exhaust manifold itself acts as a sort of funnel to collect gases from all cylinders and release it through one and sometimes two openings or pipes. During an inspection, a technician may discover a crack or a compromised gasket or stud and need to address the issue before it becomes a problem.

Get Your Replacement Parts Installed in La Jolla and Pacific Beach

Replacement exhaust manifolds are available in cast iron, aluminized steel and stainless steel. At Dualtone, we carry quality products from brands such as Dynomax, Flowmaster and Magnaflow that specialize in rust-resistant, high-gloss stainless parts. We feel they hold up and deliver excellent performance, as well as provide a distinctive look. Cast iron and aluminized steel may cost a little less, but they may also be more susceptible to earlier degradation. To see about a new performance exhaust system for your pickup, SUV or auto, call us at (858) 273-8745.

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