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How to Tell if Your CV Axle Needs Replacement

CV axel
Your car is a collection of hundreds of moving pieces, and they all need to work in unison for the vehicle to operate smoothly. One of the most important components to your drive train is the CV axle, which helps turn the transmission’s output into forward motion for the wheels. Since this part acts as the primary linkage between the engine and each wheel, it understandably gets subjected to a lot of stress. Even with the most vigilant maintenance schedule, it’s not uncommon for this vital component to wear out.
When your vehicle needs axle replacement, you should be able to recognize a few key symptoms both when you’re driving and when the car is parked. If you experience excessive vibrations or loud clicking while you’re navigating your route, it’s likely that the part is near the end of its service life. Should either of these conditions manifest during a drive, take a look at the wheels the next time you’re parked. If you notice a layer of grease on the tire or underside of the automobile, that’s an indication of a torn protective boot, which can accelerate wear and tear by letting dirt and road debris into the assembly.

Serving All of San Diego

Whether you’re in San Diego, Pacific Beach or La Jolla, turn to Dualtone for CV axle replacement or any other automotive repair need. You’ve spent a lot of money on your car, so why not enjoy your time behind the wheel without that annoying vibration? With nearly 70 years of service to the local community, we have what it takes to diagnose and remedy any issue before it becomes a bigger problem. To schedule an appointment or learn about the different types of mufflers that you can buy for your vehicle, call us at 858-273-8745 today.
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