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The Importance of Well-Aligned Wheels

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Depending on the date of your last realignment, your car's wheels may not be in their best shape. If your vehicle is not properly aligned, you can have difficulty with handling on damaged or broken pavement. Speed bumps and potholes can also cause extensive damage if your wheels are not in line. Fortunately for the residents of San Diego, Dualtone provides phenomenal car wheel alignment as well as shock and strut replacement services. Whether you own a car or a truck, we can align your tires and give you that smooth, comfortable ride you have always dreamed of having.

Benefits Include Increased Safety and Durability

There are numerous reasons to take realignment seriously, but they are not known by many drivers. Here are some of the most important benefits to having your wheels aligned, especially if you notice a change in vehicle handling:
  • Enhanced Drivability: If your wheels need realignment, your vehicle will veer from side to side or pull. This is not only inconvenient; it is dangerous.
  • Increased Tire Lifespan: Wheels that are properly maintained last longer and perform better than when they are incorrectly aligned. Tire pressure stays normal longer without the need to fill them with air as often. Tire form stays correct and is less likely to pop under pressure.
  • Better Fuel Efficiency: Poor alignment can increase the amount of money that you spend on fuel.
  • Safer Handling: Better handling and less pull will keep your passengers safe and lower the risk of you having a breakdown.
  • Fewer Auto Repairs: When your vehicle is kept in optimal condition, you will not have to make as many repairs in the long run. This saves a massive amount of time and money in the future.

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