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Wheel Alignment Services in San Diego, CA

At Dualtone of San Diego, we understand how critical regular wheel alignment checks can be for your car or truck. Tire alignment not only saves wear and tear on the tread, it may significantly improve the handling of your vehicle as well. Misalignment and tire wear may ultimately compromise both performance and safety. Our certified technicians are ready with the knowledge and service to keep your vehicle balanced and running smoothly.

Fast, Professional Adjustments

Once your car or pickup is up in our alignment rack, we can assess any issues that may be causing the vehicle to pull to one side or otherwise feel out of whack. While you may discern an imbalance while at the wheel, an issue is not always that obvious. A professional check may be the only sure way to see if an adjustment is called for. There are three primary checkpoints:
A tire used for a wheel alignment service in San Diego, CA
  • Caster. This is the angle of the steering axis, or the part of the suspension that supports the assembly. The proper angle is important for stability at higher speeds.
  • Camber. This describes the inward or outward tilt as seen from the front. It may be adjusted somewhat according to driving style.
  • Toe. Tires may be toe-in or toe-out, indicating how far apart the front is in relation to the rear. It is set so that they run parallel when in motion.

Roll in for a Check Up near La Jolla and Pacific Beach

Whether you are pulled in the wrong direction or feel it is simply time for some maintenance, the trained team at Dualtone can set things straight. We are equipped to manage any job, from wheel adjustments to a cv axle replacement. In San Diego or the La Jolla and Pacific Beach areas, call us at (858) 273-8745.
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