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Why Suspension Maintenance Is Important for Your Drive

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Every system in your vehicle serves a purpose that allows it to keep running for years on end. If you want those years to be able to turn into decades, however, you need to have proper maintenance and repair work done to these systems on a regular basis. One area of your car that likely deserves some attention is the suspension, which is a critical aspect in maintaining control as well as ensuring that the overall sensation of riding in the vehicle is a smooth one. If it has been a while since your car has received proper automotive servicing, bring it to the workers of Dualtone in San Diego to assess whether suspension replacement is needed.
To be more specific about the important functionality of either car suspension or truck suspension, the systems maximize the amount of friction taking place between the road and the tires so that the steering is as reliable and responsive as possible. It is imperative that the components in your car’s system are kept in good condition, or else that reliability is put in jeopardy. Among the benefits of suspension repair and replacement are:
  • Consistent braking and handling
  • Greater tire longevity
  • Prevention of excessive wear on other systems
  • Maintaining control of suspension and spring movement
  • Keeping tires on the road
  • Allowing tires and brakes to wear slowly and evenly

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If you’ve been experiencing poor handling and uncomfortable rides in your car recently, it’s time to take action before safety risks become an issue. For those who live in Pacific Beach, La Jolla or San Diego, call the automotive experts of Dualtone today at (858) 273-8745 today and get your vehicle back to where it needs to be.
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