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Types of Catalytic Converters

catalytic converter
Your catalytic converter is what takes the harmful emissions released from your car and turns them into less polluting elements. This is important for keeping the environment a safe place for everybody. The converter works with other control devices to ensure that your emissions are up to EPA standards. If you’re not sure which catalytic converters would be right for your car, Dualtone professionals will help you by researching the recommended parts. The following are three types to consider:
  • Diesel Converter – This part is for diesel engines and others that have a compression ignition. It operates at an efficiency rate of 90 percent, which reduces visible soot.
  • Three-Way Converter – This part is often required for gas-run automobiles. It runs three tasks in conjunction with each other. One is reducing nitrogen oxide to both oxygen and nitrogen. Another is creating carbon dioxide by oxidizing carbon monoxide. The third is taking unburnt hydrocarbons and oxidizing them to water and carbon dioxide. This is an effective system for engines that oscillate between lean and rich conditions. These converters store oxygen to ensure proper release at any time.
  • Two-Way Converter – The two tasks performed by this part are hydrocarbon oxidation for water and carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide being oxidized by carbon monoxide. Both diesel and gas engines have been run with two-way converters, but they have been replaced in gasoline-run cars by three-way units. Still in use for diesel engines, they are an effective part of an overall system.

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