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Three Reasons to Have Your Brakes Checked

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The brakes on your car are one of the most important components. With the amount of use they get, it is crucial that they are in good shape at all times. As soon as you see your brake maintenance light come on, it is time to call Dualtone in San Diego to have them checked. If the light has not come on, but you hear squealing, clicking, feel vibrating or grinding, or the car is pulling to one side, those are all signs to have the automobile looked at immediately. Why should you consider brake service and maintenance? The following are just three reasons:
  • Safety – The most important reason to have them checked is safety. Even the smallest amount of disrepair can cause you to get into an accident. This is not only a safety hazard for you but for any passengers in the car, pedestrians on the street and other individuals in cars surrounding yours.
  • Damage – Your car can become damaged if your brakes go out and you are in an accident. Any type of maintenance issues puts undue pressure on other parts of the car, which could make it malfunction. In an accident, extensive damage could occur, leaving you without a car.
  • Convenience – If you choose to forgo having them checked until you are in an accident or other inconvenient situation, you will lose your time and money. An inspection doesn’t cost a lot and can be done quickly.

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Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your maintenance light or other signs that you need to have your brakes looked at. Whether you need an alignment, new brake pads or rotors, our brake service beats any other in the industry. Contact Dualtone today in San Diego, La Jolla or Pacific Beach at 858-273-8745.
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