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Tips on Choosing the Right Muffler for Your Car

Car muffler
If you were able to see inside your engine while it’s working, you would get a greater understanding of the violent reactions that take place inside the combustion chamber. As the fuel injectors squirt gasoline into the assembly, spark plugs ignite it to create force that moves the pistons. With so much going on under the hood, it makes sense that a lot of noise travels down the exhaust pipe, which is where the muffler comes in. Without this important vehicular component, cars and trucks would make such a racket that cities would be virtually unlivable due to sonic pollution. If your car or truck seems like it’s louder than normal, it might be time to replace this vital part.

Know the Different Types

When choosing the right part for your vehicle, the first thing you should do is take a look at your exhaust system to see if you’ll need one inlet or two. Depending on your driving style and vehicular profile, you have a few options for different muffler types. A chambered design allows sound waves to reflect on each other to give a robust muscle car sonic effect. Turbo mufflers guide the engine’s output through a maze of tubes to further reduce noise for a quieter drive. If you’re looking for something loud, consider getting a glasspack model that sends gasses straight through for maximum horsepower.

Have a Professional Install the Part

Whether you’re in Pacific Beach, La Jolla or any other area of San Diego, make sure you have someone with experience install your new muffler, make CV axle repairs or perform any other major automotive service. At Dualtone, we’ve been helping drivers throughout the community for nearly 70 years, and we can handle any of your vehicular repair needs. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 858-273-8745.
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